The Lodge

The Lodge


Scandinavia, WI


Alchemy Concrete

Solution: Ready-mix concrete is ideal for long-lasting and customizable driveways

Ready-Mix Driveways: A Sustainable and Versatile Solution

Ready-mix concrete was chosen to create walkways and a circular driveway leading up to this home. Maximizing the design capabilities of concrete, the pavement features mixes of different colors and textures. Composed mostly of cool gray ready-mix, with outlines in a darker shade, the driveway's geometric design complements the residence and adds visual interest.

Decorative concrete is customizable. County Ready Mix offers specially formulated pigments and concrete stamping tools to create unique designs that meet customers’ expectations.

Project leaders specified ready-mix for this project to achieve both aesthetic and structural benefits. Concrete driveways are popular for their durability – with proper installation and maintenance, they can last more than 30 years. Merging this longevity with the design freedom of decorative concrete, a ready-mix driveway adds value and style to any property.

Project Highlights

This project features roughly 150 cubic yards of ready-mix concrete, specified for its durability, versatility, and light reflectivity advantages.