Ready-Mix Concrete Helps Reduce Construction Waste
February 7, 2024

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Ready-Mix Concrete Helps Reduce Construction Waste

Ready-mix is a reliable building material for a wide variety of commercial, agricultural, and residential applications. The use of ready-mix can help reduce construction waste at multiple points within the lifecycle of the project.

Extended Service Life

The inherent strength of ready-mix concrete gives it an extended service life under even the most demanding conditions. Structures built with concrete can resist natural and manmade elements, including livestock damage, rodent infestations, machinery, and inclement weather. Longer-lasting structures require less frequent replacement, which can help reduce waste. At the end of its service life, concrete can also be crushed and recycled for new concrete pavements or roads.

Efficient Production

Ready-mix plants utilize precise batching and mixing techniques to ensure minimal waste is generated during production. Additionally, experienced dispatching also ensures the proper amount of ready-mix is supplied for each job to minimize waste and account for jobsite challenges. Ready-mix is produced to meet specifications and mix designs, and arrives onsite ready for installation. Unused ready-mix that remains in the truck after a job is returned to the batch plant and can be recycled or repurposed for plant-cast concrete components including parking curbs, bin block, and sign post bases.

County Ready Mix’s concrete is a local, readily available solution for industrial, commercial, residential, and agricultural projects of all sizes.

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