Ready-Mix Concrete Honors Heritage, Culture, and Community
March 21, 2023

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Ready-Mix Concrete Honors Heritage, Culture, and Community

When the Forest County Potawatomi tribe built a ceremonial Ribbon Walk around the dance pavilion at their Pow Wow Grounds in Wabeno, Wisconsin, their contractor chose concrete supplied by County Ready Mix.

The contractor, Alchemy Concrete Inc. of Nelsonville, WI, used nearly 10,000 square feet of ready-mix concrete to construct the Ribbon Walk, which flows around and into the dance pavilion. The weather provided the most significant challenge to construction; nonetheless, the project was successfully completed in four months.

The Ribbon Walk features four quadrents that ceremonially correspond to the four aspects of the medicine wheel, the four seasons of the year, and the four cardinal directions. In addition, each of the quadrants is further defined by the clan identifications of the eagle, the bear, and the wolf, and by the whitetail deer, a traditional element in many ceremonies.

This is manifested in the Ribbon Walk floors, which provide a wayfinding system into and within the dance pavilion. Composed of ready-mix concrete in Gull Gray and texturized with a Hadley Creek stamp, the floor of each quadrent was also stamped with the footprints of either the eagle, the wolf, the bear, or the deer. These were carefully placed to match the cadence of the animal.

The malleable nature of ready-mix concrete ensured that the animals important to the Forest County Potawatomi community would have a permanent presence in the Pow Wow Grounds. This helps connect the new Ribbon Walk to tradition, which links generation to generation through storytelling.

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