The Retreat

The Retreat


Mosinee, WI


Alchemy Concrete, Inc.

Solution: Ready-Mix Concrete Offers Diverse Color and Texture Options for Distinct Residential Designs

Ready-Mix Concrete Transforms Wisconsin Motor Court with a Fresh Design

This Wisconsin residence transformed a landscape of outdated materials into a warm, welcoming entrance. The project features County Ready Mix’s ready-mix concrete for the motor court, walkway, entry ways, walls, curbs, steps, and detached garage aprons.

The homeowners requested colored concrete and stamping tools to create an elegant space that honors the original design from the 1980s. Ready-mix stamped to imitate the texture of natural wood was used on the steps, curbs, and planters at the front of the house. Concrete in coordinating colors, but with a contrasting texture, was poured for the driveway and walkways. The homeowners selected a grid design that adds distinction and visual interest. Overall, the variety of ready-mix used for this project resulted in a symphony of color and texture that complements the rustic surrounding environment.

The inherent durability of ready-mix concrete makes it a reliable solution for outdoor living spaces, especially in the upper Midwest, where the harsh winters can shorten the service life of other materials. Ready-mix requires minimal maintenance and resists age and wear for decades, making it a cost-effective choice.

Project Highlights:

Construction access was a challenge for this project, as the site is located in a tight, wooded area with large boulders. County Ready Mix’s skilled team maneuvered these site difficulties and maintained vehicular and pedestrian access to the home.