WRMCA Concrete Design Awards Recognize County Ready Mix
April 26, 2023

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WRMCA Concrete Design Awards Recognize County Ready Mix

The Wisconsin Ready Mixed Concrete Association recently held their 41st Annual Concrete Design Awards and recognized nineteen winning projects across a variety of concrete applications. County Ready Mix had the honor of being recognized as the concrete supplier for five of the winning projects.

Ribbon Walk at the Pow Wow Dance Arbor

2023 CRM 032123 Potawatomi Pow Wow Grounds

General Contractor: Greenfire Construction
Landscape Architect: Alchemy Concrete Inc.

The Ribbon Walk for the Forest County Potawatomi tribe’s pavilion at their Pow Wow Grounds in Wabeno, Wisconsin, was the winner for WRMCA’s Decorative Commercial category. The floors of the walkways are composed of ready-mix concrete in Gull Gray and texturized with a Hadley Creek stamp. In addition, the Ribbon Walk is divided into four quadrants, and the floor of each one is stamped with the footprints of either the eagle, the wolf, the bear, or the deer. This creates a wayfinding system that honors the tribe’s ceremonial symbols.

The Lodge

2023 CRM Ready Mix Pekar Residence 025

Landscape Architect: Alchemy Concrete Inc.

The Lodge was recognized in the Decorative Residential category. Our ready-mixed concrete was used to construct retaining walls, steps, a heated entry porch, borders, drives, parking areas, walkways, aprons, and a heated elevated back deck. Project leaders acknowledged and responded to physical and visual elements such as paving slope and alignment, and the heated, elevated decks required specific attention to engineering detail.

Mead Witter Park

 2022 CMC RM Mead Witter Park 046

Contractor: The Boldt Company
Architect: Saiki Design

In WRMCA’s special merit category for Education, Healthcare, and Public, Mead Witter Park was recognized. The Mead Witter foundation purchased a vacant parking lot and chose County Ready Mix to repurpose it into a vibrant community park. More than 200 cubic yards of locally sourced ready-mix concrete was poured to form winding pathways throughout the park to compliment the movement of the adjacent Wisconsin River. County Ready Mix’s white colored concrete was additionally used to create seating areas and add visual interest to the walkways.

Tomorrow River Military Memorial

2022 CMC RM Tomorrow River Military Memorial 041

Architect: Alchemy Concrete Inc. 

County Ready Mix was also the concrete supplier for the Tomorrow River Military Memorial in Amherst, WI. The memorial honors the US Military, acknowledges the six US Military Services, and reinforces the notion of the United States of America. Ready-mix concrete represented 90% of the project. The decorative opportunities of concrete provided the ability to overcome site challenges, create a visual space, and realize the dream of US Navy Veteran, Lynn Thompson.

River Oaks Trail Residence

2022 CMC RM River Oaks Trail 005

Contractor: CNJ Innovations LLC

The River Oaks Trail Residence was recognized in WRMCA’s North Central Region category. The 1,200 square foot patio complements the natural landscape with its beautiful stamping and coloring that mirrors flagstone and wooden plank. Concrete, chosen for its sustainability and extended service life, achieved the perfect aesthetic for these homeowners.

County Ready Mix is honored to be recognized by the WRMCA for industry leadership and congratulates all the contractors, architects, and suppliers who were recognized in this program. We are proud to be a trusted concrete resource and to build strong communities.