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    • Concrete’s High Light Reflectivity Provides Many Advantages for Parking Lots

      Concrete’s High Light Reflectivity Provides Many Advantages for Parking Lots

      When choosing a parking lot paving material, property owners look for durable, low-maintenance materials that will maximize safety for pedestrians and vehicles.

      Ready-mix parking lots require minimal maintenance and resist age, wear, and weather over an extended service life of 30 years or greater. Additionally, they offer more light reflectivity than alternative materials. This provides several advantages.

      Concrete’s high luminance improves nighttime visibility. Only a few light poles are needed to provide safe illumination for drivers and pedestrians to navigate parking lots at night. For industrial facilities with loading docks, such as the Mariani Packing Company in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, this helps truck drivers make loading dock deliveries at any hour. For high traffic buildings like this credit union headquarters in Merrill, WI, a well-lit parking lot is more inviting for employees and customers and reduces the likelihood of accidents due to poor visibility.

      By reducing the number of light poles needed, concrete parking lots can contribute to significant energy savings over time. Additionally, concrete’s light reflectivity also regulates a parking lot’s temperature and mitigates the urban heat island effect. This benefit can contribute to lower cooling costs for surrounding structures.

      Use County Ready Mix’s concrete for your next parking lot by contacting our Central Wisconsin Region Dispatch Team at (715) 845-2100.

    • Celebrating Bob Wells’ 43-Year Career at County Materials

      Celebrating Bob Wells’ 43-Year Career at County Materials

      As a testament to County Ready Mix's success, stability, and support, our company gratefully recognizes Bob Wells for achieving more than 43 years of service. The significance of Bob’s dedication to our organization cannot be overstated. To celebrate his successful career, we hosted an on-site social that was attended by his family and coworkers.

      Throughout his career, Bob has built a solid reputation for being reliable, cooperative, and an excellent problem-solver. In addition to his many contributions to County Ready Mix, Bob was a long-standing member on the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin Ready Mix Concrete Association. In 2022, he became the Region 4 Chairman and the President of the WRMCA. His hard work, integrity, and commitment to excellence will leave a lasting legacy within our company and the concrete manufacturing industry.

      Bob’s supervisor, Scott Behnke, expressed appreciation for Bob and his many contributions. He said, “During his time at County Ready Mix, he was very honest and dedicated to his job. People turned to him because he was the guy they could rely on. Bob was also very approachable. He had a great personality that just clicked with people, and he was never afraid to solve the hard problems. He liked to take any issue straight on and make customers feel appreciated and valued. Additionally, Bob has been an exceptional mentor to me. I learned a lot from him over the years, and he truly left a lasting mark on the ready-mix industry."

      We are grateful to Bob for being a valuable member of our team and helping us build a stronger tomorrow.

    • County Ready Mix Invests in Veterans

      County Ready Mix Invests in Veterans

      County Ready Mix has a Gold Business Membership in the Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce (WVCC) and is a participant in their Invest in Vets program. This program helps local businesses learn how to recruit and retain veteran talent and understand how they provide value.

      The WVCC is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to supporting veteran-owned, veteran-friendly, and military-connected businesses. They serve as an advocate for Wisconsin’s veteran business community while promoting economic opportunities for veterans, military families, and veteran-friendly businesses.

      County Ready Mix strives to create a supportive community for the veterans on our team. We participate in the Invest in Vets program to help us tailor mentorship, leadership development, and team-building opportunities to meet their distinct needs and encourage camaraderie.

      Individuals who have served in the military often find that the concrete manufacturing industry offers rewarding career opportunities for them. Many of the skills that people learn in the military can be directly transferred into a role in concrete manufacturing, such as a strong work ethic, teamwork, perseverance, self-discipline, loyalty, adaptability, and communication.

      County Ready Mix recognizes the exceptional value that veterans add to our organization, and we take pride in their daily contributions. We are excited to participate in the WVCC’s Invest in Vets program to find new ways to support our team members, who are the key to our success.

      Our team is building a stronger tomorrow.

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