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    • Ready-Mix Swimming Pools: Enhance Your Backyard Experience

      Ready-Mix Swimming Pools: Enhance Your Backyard Experience

      The first load of ready-mix concrete was delivered in the United States in 1913, and today remains a top choice for contractors and builders. Ready-mix is a high-quality construction material that can be used to create stunning and long-lasting outdoor spaces.

      Compared to alternative materials, concrete swimming pools offer unrivaled durability and versatile design options to achieve any aesthetic. With proper installation and maintenance, concrete pools can last a lifetime and be a great investment.

      Durability for Exterior Applications

      Ready-mix concrete is a strong but low-maintenance material that can add value to your property. It withstands heavy wear and resists scratches, and inclement weather conditions. A concrete pool can last up to 50 years with proper maintenance. 

      Concrete pools are constructed using shotcrete, the method of applying concrete projected at a high velocity on to a vertical or curved surface with high compressive strength. Shotcrete is practical for pool installations because it creates a dense surface with low porosity and permeability.

      Versatile Design Options

      Ready-mix concrete pools offer design flexibility to achieve any desired aesthetic, including pools that are highly customizable and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and depths. Ready-mix concrete is compatible with a range of materials, such as concrete pavers, tile, and a variety of pool deck materials, allowing you to mix and match for ultimate personalization.

      Using shotcrete maximizes customization because it offers unlimited shape potential, variable depths, tight radiuses, and built-in seats and steps. To enhance the safety and ambience of your pool, lighting can be installed directly into the pool shell.

      County Ready-Mix offers a broad selection of colors ranging from trendy grays and tans to bold reds and browns. Texturing supplies and stamping tools allow contractors to create unique designs or produce lifelike textures that complement natural surroundings, including wood, slate, and flagstone.

      Achieve your dream backyard with County Ready Mix by contacting our Central Wisconsin Region Ready-Mix Dispatch Team at (715) 845-2100.

    • County Ready Mix Supplies Concrete for 2024 Concrete Design Awards Winners

      County Ready Mix Supplies Concrete for 2024 Concrete Design Awards Winners

      The Wisconsin Ready Mixed Concrete Association recently held their 42nd Annual Concrete Design
      Awards and recognized seventeen winning projects across a variety of concrete applications. Projects are judged for their use of concrete, design, and construction quality. County Ready Mix was recognized as the concrete supplier for three of the winning projects.


      2024 CRM Ready Mix Concrete Retreat Gallery 3

      The Retreat 
      Landscape Architect: Alchemy Concrete, Inc.

      The Retreat in Mosinee, Wisconsin, transformed a landscape of outdated materials into a warm, welcoming entrance and patio. Alchemy Concrete used colored concrete and stamping tools to create an elegant space that honors the original design.

       2024 CRM Food Farm Center Ready Mix Concrete 3

      Food & Farm Exploration Center 

      Engineer: Pierce Engineers
      Landscape Architect: Eppstein Uhen Architects
      Contractor: Findorff

      The Food & Farm Exploration Center in Plover, Wisconsin, is a multi-purpose building in the middle of a 24-acre working farm. Its practical and aesthetically-pleasing use of ready-mix concrete earned the project an award in the Commercial category. Ready-mix was used for outdoor walkways, a loading dock, and a patio, and polished concrete was used for the interior flooring. Ready-mixed concrete was used for 75 percent of the project.


      2024 CRM Ready Mix Concrete Boys Girls Club Gallery 2

      Boys & Girls Club 

      Landscape Architect: Alchemy Concrete, Inc

      The Boys & Girls Club project in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, features over 6,000 SF of ready-mix concrete and won in the Decorative Commercial category. The facility offers gardening, chess, hopscotch, four square, and more. It also includes spaces for table games, small group gatherings, and seating areas.

      County Ready Mix is honored to be recognized by the WRMCA for industry leadership and congratulates
      all the contractors, architects, and suppliers who were recognized in this program. We are proud to be a
      trusted supplier of concrete for projects that build strong, safe, and beautiful communities.

    • Achieve Captivating Textures and Colors with Decorative Ready-Mix Concrete

      Achieve Captivating Textures and Colors with Decorative Ready-Mix Concrete

      Decorative ready-mix concrete is a versatile construction material that can be used to form stunning indoor and outdoor spaces that will stand the test of time. With a wide selection of coloring agents and texturing techniques available, the design possibilities of decorative ready-mix are endless.

      Long-Lasting Colors

      County Ready Mix offers nearly 20 integral colorant admixtures that produce vibrant, streak-free colors, from modern grays and tans to bold browns and reds.

      Coloring agents are available as integral, shake-on, and stains, with each option offering advantages for different situations. County Ready Mix’s specially formulated pigments can be integrated directly into the concrete mix to make installation of colored concrete simple and efficient. For textured applications, color releasers can serve as a lubricant between the stamping tool and the concrete surface. For existing concrete applications, color stains can be applied to achieve rich and luxurious tones.

      Custom Textures and Designs

      We also carry a complete line of stamping supplies and mat texturing tools. By combining coloring agents with stamping and texturing tools, decks, patios, driveways, and other outdoor living spaces can achieve captivating textures that emulate stone, wood grain, or other natural elements.

      Custom stamps, like the animal prints incorporated in the Potawatomi Pow Wow Grounds in Wabeno, Wisconsin, can be used to personalize spaces with enduring symbols. 

      Ready-mix concrete can be poured in clean geometric designs, such as this military memorial in Amherst, Wisconsin, or poured to form winding pathways and curved seating areas, like this elegant backyard patio.

      County Ready Mix’s concrete is a local, readily available solution for industrial, commercial, residential, and agricultural projects of all sizes.

      Use County Ready Mix for your next project by contacting our Central Wisconsin Ready-Mix Dispatch Team at (715) 845-2100.

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